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Workflow: Using AInspector Sidebar


What are the numbers of total violations (V), warnings (W) and manual checks (MC) on the page?

  • This information is provided by the Summary view (the default view, and the first item in the 'Views' menu).
  • To focus on V, W and MC, the user can uncheck the Rule Results preference: Include 'Pass' and 'N/A' results


Start by going through the violation rule results, either by category or within the 'All Rules' view, which groups all violation results together.

For each rule result:

  • What is the rule about? What does it say?
  • What are the actions I need to take (specified under ACTION(S) heading)?
  • Which elements on the page violate the rule? -> Go to Rule Details and use Element Results list and page highlighting.
  • How do I fix each element? (There is an action associated with each element result.)