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This section includes descriptions of AInspector for Firefox prototypes, each of which meets some basic set of interaction or user interface objectives.

At the bottom of this page under Attachments are links to prototype XPI files.

  • test using a sidebar with self-contained toolbars
  • test using keyboard shortcut for toggling sidebar
  • tagged as prototype-baseline-00
  • test and debug logging.js in utilities
  • test and debug inspection.js in utilities
  • add use of progress.js in utilities for handling page load events and browser tab switching (also works when new browser window is opened)
  • add summary widget that displays the current URL after a page has loaded, and a progress meter during page loads
  • test the use of overlays for reusable widgets (summary widget)
  • based on prototype-baseline-00
  • tagged as prototype-baseline-01
  • add a separate toolbar with buttons for controlling the view within the sidebar
  • ensure that if sidebar is displayed, toolbar is also displayed (not necessary vice versa: okay to display toolbar by itself)
  • based on prototype-baseline-01