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AInspector Sidebar: Release Notes

Note: Revision numbers are for AInspector Sidebar / OAA Evaluation Library


22 Nov 2013 - Rev. 250 / 2276

  • Added a new user preference in the Evaluation pane: Rule Results > Include ‘Pass’ and ‘N/A’ results.
  • When the option is checked, the Summary and Category/Guideline views look just as they did previously.
  • When the option is unchecked, the Summary view does not include pass results in the summary grid or in the Rule Categories or WCAG Guidelines tables.
  • Likewise in the Category/Guideline view, when the option is unchecked, the summary grid does not include pass results, and the Rule Results table does not include rules with results of P or N/A.
  • The Rule Details view, however, always includes all element results, regardless of the result or the preference setting.


14 Nov 2013 - Rev. 248 / 2274

  • Removed the user preference for selecting rules to be used in the evaluation based on WCAG Levels. (Previously the user could select either A + AA or A only.) Now all rules are evaluated regardless of WCAG Level.
  • When there are multiple Rule Result ACTION messages, they are now broken into paragraphs, each with a prefix indicating the result severity (V, W, MC, H) to which it corresponds.
  • Rule Result ACTION messages for Not Applicable results now consist of the message “N/A”. (Previously the message described the particular circumstances that explained why the rule was not applicable.)
  • New rules added and messaging updated in Structure/Content and Styles/Readability categories.


31 Oct 2013 - Rev. 244 / 2264

  • Added handling of HIDDEN rule result in Rule Category and WCAG Guideline views.


26 Oct 2013 - Rev. 242 / 2254

  • Tweaked layout geometry and headings properties


25 Oct 2013 - Rev. 239 / 2254

Fixed problems on Windows systems with grid and tree elements not filling the available space:

  • Used a combination of flex styling and limited width constraints to modify layout properties of Rule Categories and WCAG Guidelines summary table grids and Element Results tree

Updates to second-level Rule Category view

  • Changed button label from “Result Details” to “Details” and added right arrow image
  • Moved “Details” button adjacent to “Back” button

Updates to third-level Rule Result Details view

  • Increased font size of Rule Summary


22 Oct 2013 - Rev. 233 / 2248

Minor update with bug fix and version label

  • Problem fixed in Evaluation Library that caused TypeError with evaluation
  • Added version label at bottom of sidebar


21 Oct 2013 - Rev. 230 / 2246

Updates to third-level Rule Result Details view

  • Moved summary grid to just below the Element Results/Rule Info tab panel
  • Added H (for Hidden) box to summary grid
  • Removed RULE heading above rule summary; render rule summary in bold font

Updates to second-level Rule Category view

  • Changed button label from Rule Details to Result Details


07 Oct 2013 - Rev. 218 / 2228

Implements highlighting of Element Results

  • Highlighting options: Selected, V/W, MC, All
  • Added highlighting images within outlined div, with letters v, w, m and p
  • Changed highlight colors and borders