AInspector Sidebar: Release Notes — v0.16

Note: Revision and version numbers are for AInspector Sidebar / OAA Evaluation Library

26 Mar 2015 - Rev. 365 / Version

  • Added keyboard shortcut for toggling the sidebar in Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+u (Mac: Cmd+Shift+u)
  • Updated Firefox compatibility version to 37.*

12 Mar 2015 - Rev. 363 / Version

  • Incorporates the latest OpenAjax Evaluation Library, v0.9.8.1, which includes mainly bug fixes
  • Began using JSHint in conjunction with refactoring code in AInspector


3 Mar 2015 - Rev. 355 / Version 0.9.8

  • Incorporates the latest OpenAjax Evaluation Library, v0.9.8, which includes:
    • In the Tables category, updates to rules for data table headers, accessible names and descriptions
    • In the Keyboard Support category, the addition of the "Skip to main content link" rule
  • Added keyboard shortcut for opening Preferences dialog: "Ctrl+." (on the Mac: "Cmd+.")
  • Updated Firefox compatibility version to 36.*

12 Feb 2015 - Rev. 351 / Version

  • Incorporates the latest OpenAjax Evaluation Library, v0.9.7.4, which includes the new 'HTML4 Legacy Techniques' ruleset and bugfixes to individual rules
  • Updated Firefox compatibility version to 35.*
  • Includes new logo image

15 Jan 2015 - Rev. 348 / Version

  • Rebuilt with tagged version of OAA Evaluation Library that includes fixes for event processing and inadvertent changes to Rule API.
  • Updated 'About' dialog with more specific information re. the OAA Evaluation Library.
  • Updated evaluatorFactory method call to sync with recent evaluation library API modifications.
  • Added comments tagged with @external and @global JSDoc indicators.


15 Dec 2014 - Rev. 341 / 2489

  • Improved keyboard support and screen reader compatibility (see below).
  • Layout improvements for cross-platform consistency in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Data model and controller code modifications for compatibility with new OpenAjax Evaluation Library APIs.
  • The addition of a new preference (Preferences > General > Screen reader compatibility), namely a checkbox labeled "Add column header data in table cells" (see below).
  • Screen reader compatibility: All data regions, such as the summary grid, the selected rule text box and the rule details/actions text box, are now focusable and have accessible names and or descriptions. In XUL tables, however, only rows, and not individual data cells are focusable, and row or column header information in read by screen reader software. To improve the accessibility of the data tables, the preference described above was added and has the following effect. When screen reader compatibility mode is selected, column header data is included in table data cells, typically as either prefixes or suffixes, along with the pertinent result data. This mode is suboptimal for sighted users, but for screen reader users, all of the result information in each table is now accessible.


20 Oct 2014 - Rev. 323 / Version 0.9.5

  • Reworked the Rule Details view:
    • Rule summary now appears alone as second-level header, no longer within a text box
    • Rule result value (abbreviated) is now displayed at the top right with color-coded background (same as summary grid on other two views)
    • Moved the ACTIONS message into the rule info text
    • Renamed Rule Information tab to Details/Actions and made it the first tab
    • Changed ordering of rule info sections in Details/Actions tab
    • Added tooltips for rule result value, highlight menulist and highlight menuitmes
  • In the Category/Guideline view, reduced number of rows in Rule Results table from 12 to 10
  • Added preference named extensions.ainspector.advanced.hideVersionId
    • Set to true by default (i.e. version is hidden)
    • Accessible via about:config


15 Sep 2014 - Rev. 316 / Version 0.9.5

  • Rules added or modified in Forms and Links categories
  • Added a user preference for the 'Rerun Evaluation' button that allows for delayed automatic evaluation (from 5 sec. to 1 min.).
    • This permits the user to manipulate dynamic features in a web page until a desired state is achieved, and the browser to maintain focus on the page while the reevaluation runs automatically (i.e., without the user having to physically interact with the 'Rerun Evaluation' button).
  • Removed the keyboard shortcut for toggling the sidebar, along with associated user preferences.
  • Reorganized the Preferences dialog panels.


16 May 2014 - Rev. 307 / Version 0.9.4

  • New rules added for ARIA role restrictions
  • New rules added for form input error handling
  • Rulesets renamed and reorganized:
    • WCAG + ARIA
    • WCAG + Landmarks
  • Rule messaging updated in Images and Forms categories
  • Improved keyboard support and focus management when navigating among Summary, Category/Guideline and Rule Details views.


28 Apr 2014 - Rev. 298 / 2363

  • Ruleset names are now loaded from the OAA Evaluation Library.
  • Changed ordering of Rule Results table columns from Level, Required, SC to SC, Level, Required.
  • Fixed some of the scrolling problems when navigating to and from the Rule Information tab panel.
  • Fixed problems with tree selections being retained after switching views, which enabled the return key to activate a hidden selection.


14 Apr 2014 - Rev. 291 / Version 0.9.3

  • New rules and messaging updates in Landmarks category.
  • Modified default sort order of Rule Results table:
    • primary column (unchanged): Result value (descending severity level)
    • secondary column is now: Rule summary (ascending alphabetical)
  • Modified display of PURPOSE in Rule Information: If single item, display as paragraph; if multiple items, display as bulleted list.


28 Mar 2014 - Rev. 289 / 2343

  • New rules added to Landmarks category.
  • Added preference in the General pane for enabling/disabling the keyboard shortcut that toggles the sidebar.
  • Added Details button to Summary view for consistency across views.
  • Added number of rules info. following the ruleset name at bottom of sidebar.
  • Removed the "Include Recommended rules" preference from the Evaluation pane and the corresponding info. display at bottom of sidebar (retained the preference, which can be set in about:config).
  • Added a "no rule results" message to empty category/guideline tables (usually seen only when Include 'Pass' and 'N/A' results preference is not set).
  • Improved the tooltips for the summary grid and Summary table column headers.
  • Changed the default for the preference "Include 'Pass' and 'N/A' results" to true.


19 Mar 2014 - Rev. 282 / 2323

  • Reimplemented the Summary tables, which display Rule Categories and WCAG Guidelines, as tree elements